Sunday, November 11, 2007

Growing Self Promotion

As a designer still trying to get a foot in the door and get a career of some-sort going...the necessity of self-promotion is at an all time high! I've been reading all kinds of material

on this subject lately and the main idea is to find something memorable! Look for what all the other creatives out there are doing and run in the opposite direction! Easier said than done...simply put, there are a plethora of AMAZING designers out there!
Well I stumbled upon something during a google search this evening that was so completely refreshing to me. (wish i had thought of it haha) Jamie Wieck a london based graphic designer created this business card with the purpose of keeping it constantly in the view of the beholder...and NOT to sit in a wallet or card holder to be forever forgotten!
What a great idea!
So there, be inspired! Go and self-promote!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay it's not a Apple shortcut, (im a snob) but its still clever!
Dont you just wish you could "Undo" some things in life...

if anyone is unfamiliar with this website, rethink your web browsing! These T's are so much fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Im so embarrassed!

So i cant believe that it's september and my last post was in JUNE!!! Wow im not good at this thing. Well a lot has happened here since my last post...i was working on an album cover for The Urban Sophisticates live album, the goal was to get it done and printed by the time they left for Japan Aug. 27th but no luck there! I will however post an image of it when we get them back! Im really excited about that cause it's my first BIG project! It was so fun to do but, yes, just a little stressful!
I took a networking trip to New York City! i have a long time friend, Daniel M. Pafford
who is an amazing interior designer in the city! He showed me around and introduced me to some good contacts! Im really seriously pondering a move to the city! It's always been my dream and now it's beginning to look like a reality! So scary!
So that's whats been keeping me so busy! Im going to try to get better at this blog thing over the next couple months so keep an eye on it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sad day ipod died today...well not technically cause it still works...but all my music, and i mean ALL 15 gb's of my fabulous music is gone! In a completely syncronized moment, my ipod died as it was plugged in and connected to my computer and as i was transferring music to a program. Hence in this perfect moment up came the warning that i had disconnected it improperly and could lose info! well i sure did! If anyone really knows me, they know my ipod goes with me anywhere and that i use it more than most people....oh sadness! Whats a girl to do with an empty ipod?

Okay so here's something pretty.

I love photographing my sister! She's beautiful no. 1... and no. 2 she's very patient with me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My dear little magazine people!

Magazine people always seem so happy, in their happy little glossy color pages! What do you do with happy little magazine people? You draw on them!!!! Nicely of course.
I did these collage sketchs on a whim last year and I just now dug them out of one of my old sketch books. I havent seen them in forever and they make me want to do more of this!

Cheers to you, little magazine people!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Baggage? I dont have baggage!

One sad sad night my dear friends forced me to reveal the contents of my big yellow bag.
they just didnt understand why sometimes you just gotta carry around 4 small bags inside your big bag...and the practicality of having 3 note books...and the health benefits of keeping your skin moisturized with a family sized bottle of Neutrogena. Plus you never know when you might need to share some bring the whole bag, i say! And i know that ipods dont play actual cds but i guess i girl can dream right?

Friday, June 1, 2007

An ode to 6'

There are no words.
I cried for an hour.
It's family is done....

I know im about 6 years late watching this show but nonetheless, it plowed me down! This show effected me, and scarred me, and made me love, and opened my eyes, and made me laugh so hard! Shew!


It's my 2nd official day working in the cute little downtown of Greensboro at a fabulous store called Area! I love spending my day in a place i would want to make into my apartment. Area is FULL of wonderful modern home furnishings and gifts! Bliss!
My humble peony branch, is just a little something im experimenting with. I would love to turn this into a textile design somehow!
I bought this peony stamp from Paper Source
and stamped and scanned it right into the good ole photoshop!

More fun with stamps to come!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

slow beginning...

I started drawing again today! Boy it was hard to break that white page! I've been really rusty since my last drawing class which seems like ages ago! Im want to be more disciplined about this, i want to get better, i want to love it.
I just recently started running again after a long hiatus! I HATE to run, naturally. But what i've come to notice only after about 4 times is that i begin to crave it. Running is also a discipline...but about ten minutes into it, you get this exhilerating feeling! Im not sure how to put it into words, but it's like this moment where you feel like no one can stop you! You become proud of what your body can do when tested and it's pretty dang cool! THAT is what gets me back on the treadmill. If you had asked me 2 weeks ago how i felt about running i would have compared it to being speared in the stomach by a pitch fork! i hated hated hated it! And now i've found a little victory in my life. Sooo how did we get from drawing to running, you say? Well, i've decided to look at drawing in the same light as running. Although it's definately not as physically taxing, mentally it can take a chunk out of you! With focus and determination you get to a point when the image begins to resemble, just slightly, what you were wishing to convey! Again...a HIGH! So here's to a start!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hickory Smoked...

Cheers to blogging twice in one night
Cheers to scanning 3D objects (try it, it's fun and exciting!)

This weekend i visited my dear dear friend Joe in WV! He's big time into work-working and recently aquired a Wood Lathe from his grandfather ( i wish my grandpa had a wood lathe). We literally played with power tools for about 3 or 4 hours last night and this was my pride and joy! My very first try and voila! a candle stick! you cant tell from the picture but i swear it's a candle stick! (i'll post photo with candle in said candle stick soon...ya know to give the whole effect!)
I feel very accomplished in my endeavor though, and hope to do more of this! It really was the best thing i've done alllllllllllll my life!
So try it if you can! it's so satisfying!
Happy Lathe-ing!


So i scooped this out of my trunk where it was laying under a pile of stuff from my move 3 months ago...yea yea it takes me forever to unpack...

Anyway, this is old school interior architecture work. As i looked at it with new eyes, i found that little high-light on the refrigerator charming. It's probably not quiet accurate but i think you get the idea it's stainless steel...

My goal for this year is to rid myself of being my own worst critic! Im learning to appreciate my work and not beat myself's hard as im sure all "creatives" know.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Im a nomad!

Im new at this blogging thing and i couldnt decide on a blog to join. Thanks to my good ole friend Suz, i've been excited to start! I joined another blog but i think i like this one better...we'll see how things go! i am! ready....GO!