Friday, December 19, 2008

bringing snow to greensboro, nc

so i moved back to greensboro for the most awesome job. (more on that later)
it's been such a quick transition so close to the holidays that half the time i cant even remember it's christmas.... and it's NEXT THURSDAY!
to make things even worse, there is snow in other parts of the country and not here. this makes me sad! I had fully expected to be in the north when winter rolled around and was so excited to experience a REAL winter...but alas im in a place where we get little to no accumulation.

sooo tonight Harrison and i decided to have a secret surprise project to give to his mommy! we made a gingerbread house and made our own snowy landscape!!!
it was festive and fun and full of sugar! 3 year olds and sugar are a fun combination! we definately had a blast and who knows...maybe Harrison and Auntie Addie started a holiday tradition!

oh and side note: when i told harrison that we had to read the directions first he responded like this...
"I'll read the directions Auntie Addie"

he grabbed the paper and "read"...

"First we need to build the house and put cherries on top"


Sunday, November 2, 2008

News Flash: NJ isnt just the parkway...

This is where i live!
Isnt it beautiful!?

I woke up today to find wild turkey in our back yard affectionately called "Narnia" (i swear it looks just like narnia! complete with wildlife)
I've never really seen a wild turkey roaming around before and this one was HUGE!
Later, as i went out to take a stroll, 3 deer scattered out of our front yard as i passed.
Too bad i didnt see any or our neighborhood bears, cause that would have just topped of the day!
Now dont get me wrong, the city is my first love, but recently i've been really enjoying the wildlife im surrounded by.
I cant believe how fortunate i am to be in such a beautiful place!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh my gracious!! Is it true??

So it's been a while... but i have a great excuse! I MOVED TO NYC! So now i bring you beautiful cloud pictures above the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine...SKYSCRAPERS!!!!
I tell's just so much better that landscapes for me! I've always had a love affair with cities and now i can actually eat, breath, work, touch and drink the city anytime i want!
It's MINE! :)

So i started a new job at Kate's Paperie in Soho (my favorite part of the city so far! ) where i am a Custom Printing Consultant for some of the most amazing stationary designers. I'm learning sooo very much my brain hurts, but i'm also being inspired everyday! I love being in a place where i am surrounded by beautiful paper...

And on that note i must sleep... beautiful paper calls early for me tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Growing Self Promotion

As a designer still trying to get a foot in the door and get a career of some-sort going...the necessity of self-promotion is at an all time high! I've been reading all kinds of material

on this subject lately and the main idea is to find something memorable! Look for what all the other creatives out there are doing and run in the opposite direction! Easier said than done...simply put, there are a plethora of AMAZING designers out there!
Well I stumbled upon something during a google search this evening that was so completely refreshing to me. (wish i had thought of it haha) Jamie Wieck a london based graphic designer created this business card with the purpose of keeping it constantly in the view of the beholder...and NOT to sit in a wallet or card holder to be forever forgotten!
What a great idea!
So there, be inspired! Go and self-promote!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Okay it's not a Apple shortcut, (im a snob) but its still clever!
Dont you just wish you could "Undo" some things in life...

if anyone is unfamiliar with this website, rethink your web browsing! These T's are so much fun!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Im so embarrassed!

So i cant believe that it's september and my last post was in JUNE!!! Wow im not good at this thing. Well a lot has happened here since my last post...i was working on an album cover for The Urban Sophisticates live album, the goal was to get it done and printed by the time they left for Japan Aug. 27th but no luck there! I will however post an image of it when we get them back! Im really excited about that cause it's my first BIG project! It was so fun to do but, yes, just a little stressful!
I took a networking trip to New York City! i have a long time friend, Daniel M. Pafford
who is an amazing interior designer in the city! He showed me around and introduced me to some good contacts! Im really seriously pondering a move to the city! It's always been my dream and now it's beginning to look like a reality! So scary!
So that's whats been keeping me so busy! Im going to try to get better at this blog thing over the next couple months so keep an eye on it!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sad day ipod died today...well not technically cause it still works...but all my music, and i mean ALL 15 gb's of my fabulous music is gone! In a completely syncronized moment, my ipod died as it was plugged in and connected to my computer and as i was transferring music to a program. Hence in this perfect moment up came the warning that i had disconnected it improperly and could lose info! well i sure did! If anyone really knows me, they know my ipod goes with me anywhere and that i use it more than most people....oh sadness! Whats a girl to do with an empty ipod?

Okay so here's something pretty.

I love photographing my sister! She's beautiful no. 1... and no. 2 she's very patient with me!