Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh my gracious!! Is it true??

So it's been a while... but i have a great excuse! I MOVED TO NYC! So now i bring you beautiful cloud pictures above the most beautiful sight you could ever imagine...SKYSCRAPERS!!!!
I tell's just so much better that landscapes for me! I've always had a love affair with cities and now i can actually eat, breath, work, touch and drink the city anytime i want!
It's MINE! :)

So i started a new job at Kate's Paperie in Soho (my favorite part of the city so far! ) where i am a Custom Printing Consultant for some of the most amazing stationary designers. I'm learning sooo very much my brain hurts, but i'm also being inspired everyday! I love being in a place where i am surrounded by beautiful paper...

And on that note i must sleep... beautiful paper calls early for me tomorrow.