Monday, April 30, 2007

Hickory Smoked...

Cheers to blogging twice in one night
Cheers to scanning 3D objects (try it, it's fun and exciting!)

This weekend i visited my dear dear friend Joe in WV! He's big time into work-working and recently aquired a Wood Lathe from his grandfather ( i wish my grandpa had a wood lathe). We literally played with power tools for about 3 or 4 hours last night and this was my pride and joy! My very first try and voila! a candle stick! you cant tell from the picture but i swear it's a candle stick! (i'll post photo with candle in said candle stick soon...ya know to give the whole effect!)
I feel very accomplished in my endeavor though, and hope to do more of this! It really was the best thing i've done alllllllllllll my life!
So try it if you can! it's so satisfying!
Happy Lathe-ing!


So i scooped this out of my trunk where it was laying under a pile of stuff from my move 3 months ago...yea yea it takes me forever to unpack...

Anyway, this is old school interior architecture work. As i looked at it with new eyes, i found that little high-light on the refrigerator charming. It's probably not quiet accurate but i think you get the idea it's stainless steel...

My goal for this year is to rid myself of being my own worst critic! Im learning to appreciate my work and not beat myself's hard as im sure all "creatives" know.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Im a nomad!

Im new at this blogging thing and i couldnt decide on a blog to join. Thanks to my good ole friend Suz, i've been excited to start! I joined another blog but i think i like this one better...we'll see how things go! i am! ready....GO!