Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sad day ipod died today...well not technically cause it still works...but all my music, and i mean ALL 15 gb's of my fabulous music is gone! In a completely syncronized moment, my ipod died as it was plugged in and connected to my computer and as i was transferring music to a program. Hence in this perfect moment up came the warning that i had disconnected it improperly and could lose info! well i sure did! If anyone really knows me, they know my ipod goes with me anywhere and that i use it more than most people....oh sadness! Whats a girl to do with an empty ipod?

Okay so here's something pretty.

I love photographing my sister! She's beautiful no. 1... and no. 2 she's very patient with me!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday, June 9, 2007

My dear little magazine people!

Magazine people always seem so happy, in their happy little glossy color pages! What do you do with happy little magazine people? You draw on them!!!! Nicely of course.
I did these collage sketchs on a whim last year and I just now dug them out of one of my old sketch books. I havent seen them in forever and they make me want to do more of this!

Cheers to you, little magazine people!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Baggage? I dont have baggage!

One sad sad night my dear friends forced me to reveal the contents of my big yellow bag.
they just didnt understand why sometimes you just gotta carry around 4 small bags inside your big bag...and the practicality of having 3 note books...and the health benefits of keeping your skin moisturized with a family sized bottle of Neutrogena. Plus you never know when you might need to share some bring the whole bag, i say! And i know that ipods dont play actual cds but i guess i girl can dream right?

Friday, June 1, 2007

An ode to 6'

There are no words.
I cried for an hour.
It's family is done....

I know im about 6 years late watching this show but nonetheless, it plowed me down! This show effected me, and scarred me, and made me love, and opened my eyes, and made me laugh so hard! Shew!


It's my 2nd official day working in the cute little downtown of Greensboro at a fabulous store called Area! I love spending my day in a place i would want to make into my apartment. Area is FULL of wonderful modern home furnishings and gifts! Bliss!
My humble peony branch, is just a little something im experimenting with. I would love to turn this into a textile design somehow!
I bought this peony stamp from Paper Source
and stamped and scanned it right into the good ole photoshop!

More fun with stamps to come!