Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sad day ipod died today...well not technically cause it still works...but all my music, and i mean ALL 15 gb's of my fabulous music is gone! In a completely syncronized moment, my ipod died as it was plugged in and connected to my computer and as i was transferring music to a program. Hence in this perfect moment up came the warning that i had disconnected it improperly and could lose info! well i sure did! If anyone really knows me, they know my ipod goes with me anywhere and that i use it more than most people....oh sadness! Whats a girl to do with an empty ipod?

Okay so here's something pretty.

I love photographing my sister! She's beautiful no. 1... and no. 2 she's very patient with me!


suzanne said...

Your new page looks does your portfolio!!! Cool beans! I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your iPod. Poor thing. You are a lobster AND you have a dead iPod.

Am I commenting too much on your blog? Please tell me....I'll stop.

somethingCREATIVE said...

no your my only fan! dont stop the comments! ;)

ApOgEE said...

I just found this blog today... I love arts and everything about art. I Love to read art blogs too.. I've added link to this blog on mine. Can I?

suzanne said...

I miss you....friend.