Thursday, September 6, 2007

Im so embarrassed!

So i cant believe that it's september and my last post was in JUNE!!! Wow im not good at this thing. Well a lot has happened here since my last post...i was working on an album cover for The Urban Sophisticates live album, the goal was to get it done and printed by the time they left for Japan Aug. 27th but no luck there! I will however post an image of it when we get them back! Im really excited about that cause it's my first BIG project! It was so fun to do but, yes, just a little stressful!
I took a networking trip to New York City! i have a long time friend, Daniel M. Pafford
who is an amazing interior designer in the city! He showed me around and introduced me to some good contacts! Im really seriously pondering a move to the city! It's always been my dream and now it's beginning to look like a reality! So scary!
So that's whats been keeping me so busy! Im going to try to get better at this blog thing over the next couple months so keep an eye on it!

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