Friday, December 19, 2008

bringing snow to greensboro, nc

so i moved back to greensboro for the most awesome job. (more on that later)
it's been such a quick transition so close to the holidays that half the time i cant even remember it's christmas.... and it's NEXT THURSDAY!
to make things even worse, there is snow in other parts of the country and not here. this makes me sad! I had fully expected to be in the north when winter rolled around and was so excited to experience a REAL winter...but alas im in a place where we get little to no accumulation.

sooo tonight Harrison and i decided to have a secret surprise project to give to his mommy! we made a gingerbread house and made our own snowy landscape!!!
it was festive and fun and full of sugar! 3 year olds and sugar are a fun combination! we definately had a blast and who knows...maybe Harrison and Auntie Addie started a holiday tradition!

oh and side note: when i told harrison that we had to read the directions first he responded like this...
"I'll read the directions Auntie Addie"

he grabbed the paper and "read"...

"First we need to build the house and put cherries on top"


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